Baby Oddbods Fuse Plush
Baby Oddbods Plush Pillows  Pogo is energetic and loves to make his friends laugh
The perfect size for kids!
The Baby Oddbods Collection
Super soft and huggable materials!
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Baby Oddbods Fuse Plush

  • Bring home the excitement of Oddsville with your very own Baby Oddbods Fuse plush pillow for home or on-the-go
  • Made from a super soft plush and squishable velboa fabric, Baby Oddbods Fuse plush is the most huggable and squishy pillow
  • Kids will love Fuse's expressive facial features which are embroidered to show Fuse's smile and arched eyebrows in his usual mischievous fashion
  • Perfect for themed gifts for any child or baby, for birthdays or holidays
  • Powerful and popular; Fuse has amazing power, loves sports, and is always ready to make new friends


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