7 Ideas to Gear Up for Halloween!

7 Ideas to Gear Up for Halloween!

6 minute read

Your little oddstar’s favourite sugar-filled event is around the corner and there’s no better way to celebrate the little odd in everyone than by going all out with the celebrations. Nothing’s scarier than being unprepared so here’s a list of 7 fa-boo-lous ideas to kick start your Halloween preparations!

1. Prepare a Halloween checklist

If you’re a multi-tasking parent juggling parenting and keeping the household in order on top of other commitments, it might be a good idea to start with a Halloween checklist. Jot down anything that comes to mind especially those last-minute golden ideas that tend to present themselves when you’re busy with something else.

Start by covering the basics such as the decorations, costumes, food, and party favours, then branch out from there. Taking the time to plan your prep now might just save you hours (and your sanity) later on when things get more chaotic. Here’s a checklist of our must-haves!

2. Start with a bewitching theme for your decorations

Deciding on a theme will help anchor a lot of your Halloween party decisions. A sure-fire way to get into the Halloween spirit is with decoration. While going with a general spooky décor works too, having a theme can add more elements of fun.

There are classic themes like a haunted house, Jack-o'-lanterns, and zombies to wacky ones like UFOs, Willy Wonka, or even an Oddbods-themed party! Whatever theme you settle on, make sure you have the basic elements covered such as:

✓ Jack-o'-Lanterns and pumpkins

✓ Halloween insects and animals such as spiders, bats, cats

✓ Cobwebs and “mummified” items around the house

✓ Skeletons and ghosts

✓ A collection of oddities like fake eyeballs, fingers, and fangs

✓ Witch’s hats and broomsticks

3. Costumes, costumes, costumes!

What’s Halloween without the costumes? Start on this early especially if you plan to craft one from scratch. Dressing up for Halloween used to revolve around spooky ensembles like witches, mummies, vampires, and ghosts. These days, everyone’s pretty much free to come dressed up as anything — a pop culture idol, a beloved tv or cartoon character, or even food.

Whether your kiddo wants to be creepy, cute, fancy, or wacky, Halloween is a great opportunity for them to be who they want to be, and exercise some creativity if they want to get them involved in costume making.

Your child will stand out from the sea of witches, pirates, and dinosaurs with these Oddbods costumes.

But if you’re a Wonder Mom or Super Dad with simply no time to make a costume, you can bring out the little Newt, Pogo, and Fuse in your kiddo with these adorable Zee-approved Oddbods costume onesies.