6 Ways To Have A Sustainable Holiday Season!

6 Ways To Have A Sustainable Holiday Season!

Newt Newt
5 minute read

It’s the most magical time of the year and for plenty of good reasons. The holiday season is synonymous with family, feasting, and fun, especially for the little ones —presents galore! It may be a time of plenty, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it a more planet-friendly occasion.

After all, being sustainable is a way of life that doesn’t cease with the holidays. It’s still entirely possible to be mindful of our environmental footprint and fully celebrate and embody that spirit of giving!

Here are six “greener” ways to ensure that the family has a holiday season to remember!

1. Choosing gifts that give back

Being sustainable doesn’t mean becoming a scrooge and stopping buying presents; instead, it’s about putting a little more intention into the gift of choice. Paying attention to whether a toy is responsibly made is one consideration. Still, if it can also promise hours of play, you know you’ve gotten a beloved childhood toy that has longevity.

Take the Oddbods Eco Blocks. Made from a plant-based material sourced from sugarcane, these plastic-free building blocks are 100% recyclable. They are a gift of endless possibility! The Eco Blocks can be formed and reformed into anything your child imagines, encouraging creativity and motor skills. Their durability also means you can hand them down to a younger sibling or friend.