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Oddbods is a globally loved, Emmy award nominated comedy series featuring 7 adorable characters, each with their own very unique personality quirks.

Together, despite their differences, these very funny, highly relatable squishy-limbed and colourful characters unintentionally turn ordinary, everyday situations into unexpected, extraordinary and always humorous events, building friendships having fun and above all encouraging kids to love their own quirks and differences. After all, there’s a little odd in everyone!


ODDBODS CORE MESSAGE: There's A Little Odd In Everyone; Differences Make The World Fantastical!


Oddbods’ core message is empowering to both kids and adults: Never ever feel that your ‘oddities’ and quirks are anything but fantastical, there’s a little ‘odd’ in everyone; it’s your quirks that make you you. Celebrate them!

You know, it’s scientifically proven that the best of friends are typically very different from eachother. Yup, subconsciously, we seek out best friends who balance us out some of our extremes and who can give us fresh new perspectives.

The Oddbods may be extremely different from eachother and they may not always get on, but they’re always there for eachother when it most counts, facing every adventure together, always stronger as a team and having lots of fun along the way.

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