About Us

Oddbods is a globally loved, multi award winning non dialogue comedy show featuring 7 characters. Despite their many quirks and differences, survive the perils of everyday life. Unintentionally turning Odd-inary situations into unexpected, extraordinary and always humorous events.

Let's celebrate the ODD in us! So which one's the most like you and the people you know?


Bubbles: The curious, inquisitive science buff and adrenalin junkie, Bubbles is a forever optimistic, boundless ball of energy.


Fuse: The fiery, competitive, overconfident sports fan with a very short fuse but a heart of gold.


Jeff: Unashamedly meticulous, with an ability to create order in everything Jeff's your man if you need that pal's trip away organising!


Newt: With a sweet tooth and sweet nature, Newt has an aura of positivity. But don't mess with her- this girl is as single minded and stubborn as they come!


Pogo: You know that friend who's always pulling some prank, the cheeky one who's always creating mischief wherever he goes? Well that's Pogo. Allergic to rules, Pogo's only happy when everyone is in fits of giggles around him.

Slick: Slick believes in YOLO but suffers from chronic FOMO. Uber cool until he tries to be, Slick is the blingy, retro one with the terrible dance moves but can always be relied upon to get the party started.

Zee: Zee's not a morning person. He's not really an afternoon or an evening person either. He can eat whilst napping and nap whilst eating, but most of all he does absolutely nothing quite beautifully!